Character Stuck in TPOSE

Hello, my default character is all screwed up. I’ll include my project so that you guys can see. It is called SK_Mannequin, but when I select it, something is VERY off. I have wanted to switch out the player mesh anyway, so I decided to use Adam from the Mixamo animation pack. If I choose him, he renders properly, but he has a different skeleton than the SK_Mannequin and just T-Poses, and I don’t know how to give him the proper skeleton.

Nate Olson

Bump. I really need help on this one :frowning:
I am not sure how to retarget skeletons. It looks like the skeletal mesh I want has one less spine, so I’m not sure how to switch his skeleton properly.

When you switch characters animation blueprint is unset.
So make sure you got one on your character blueprint.

I have the animation blueprint selected that is associated with the SK_Mannequin skeleton. I cannot switch it to Adam’s animation blueprint because I have done a lot of work in the SK_Mannequin blueprint. I want to retarget Adam to use SK_Mannequin’s skeleton.

If you want to just change skeleton to be same. You should try unreal retarget system if your bones doesn’t differ that much it will work. Otherwise there is no way to use same animation. (Unless you change your character.)