Character stops moving during Anim Montage

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So im trying to get an animation for my character firing I have setup and animation and the animation blueprint accordingly to this tutorial. Now the animation is playing and you can see it but I can not firing if moving and the chjaracter stops moving as soon as you fired, the animation is additive. I have no idea why it’s not working (im using the Kubold Rifle Animset)

Here’s a gif of what I mean Animation Gif

You could use “Layered blend per bone” to keep the animation of your locomotion from your lower body but add some fire anim montage to your upper body.

In Anim Graph:
Drag a wire from your state machine and create a “New Save cached pose…” if you don’t have one already.
Add a “Layered blend per bone”:
Use cached pose ‘Your statemachine cache name’ → Base Pose
Use cached pose ‘Your statemachine cache name’ → Slotname of Animmontage → Blend Poses 0
Click on “Layered blend per bone”, click on Config, Layer Setup and add a new element at “Branch Filters”. At Bone Name choose some bone of your characters spine. Enable “Mesh Space Rotation Blend”.
Pull a wire from the outgoing side of your Layered blend per bone node and connect it to your Final Animation Pose (or to your AimOffset first if you have one).
If the character does not stop movement afterwards but even does not show your anim montage - or just a little bit then check “Blend in Time” in your Anim montage (it should not be too high in case of fire anim).

Check your bone name in the settings of the “layered blend per bone” node, probably you have misspelled it :slight_smile:

i cant find Option call Branch Filters

I had the same issue happening as the OP. The reason this was failing is because you can’t continue movement with a montage using an animation with rootmotion enabled. I disabled that on the animation used in my montage and it worked like a charm.


Thanks for this answer, this was the fix for me in my situation.


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Yup, this fixed it for me :ok_hand:

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IT Also Worked for me thanks bundle of thanks