Character stops been playable

Hey, I got an issue in engine. I made a fps character however when i go to play everything works at first, gun, sprint and so on. Issue I have is when I move so far away from my spawn in point, It stops, as if I cancel playing and go back to editor. I made a large map specifically for testing stuff and it’s like I go 100 yards and then nothing every time.
Any ideas what could cause this?, It’s doing my head in.
Thanks for any assist and appreciated. I’m using an older version of the engine 4.15, this is due to how some blueprint stuff worked and getting changed in a later version and it screwed everything up and could not figure out how to fix it.

I’m still only just starting to learn the engine and am aiming to build a multiplayer game combat fps.

Any help please?.. Thanks.

Do you have any trigger volumes, or some code which is triggered on overlap in your level?

I don’t see anything that can physically stop the character, Plus TBH i literally got no idea what you mean by trigger volumes and overlaps. I’m still very green and trying to learn.

Literally been on 4 days trying to get my simple buggy to work, but the wheels have a life of their own all I can do is push it around the map, also the buggy even vanished when it moved further away from the spawn point. So far not been able to figure out how to get in and out of it yet either.

I appreciate the reply though.