Character stops at edge of ledge?

Hey does anyone know why my character sometimes stops when falling off this ledge only sometimes when I hold the move left input down it just stops at this point every time for about a second even when I am adding the normal movement input value in Player->AddMovementInput does anyone know how to fix this thank you! :slight_smile:

(ignore the green box to the side of my character - its a trigger box + is set to overlap all)


Here is what my variables that have something to do with the problem are in my character movement component:

  • MaxStepHeight = 45
  • Can Walk Off Ledges = true
  • Perch Radius Threshold = 8000 - changed this from 0 because character was not falling properly and taking two steps to fall
  • Perch Additional Height = 40
  • Ledge Check Threshold = 4
  • Always Check Floor = true
  • Use Flat Base for Floor Checks = false

Please can someone help me out, I have been at this for days now, thank you :slight_smile: