Character Still Moves While Punching? Help

I followed the online tutorial for 3ps Animation Montages, the difference is I’m using a custom animation.
everything works as it should however when my character punches he still moves forward 1 step.
through some tinkering I found that his speed increases while punching, for whatever reason,
causing him to move forward via the Idle_Walk_Run Blendspace. As a result, when my character
punches while moving he changes speed to a very slow step, it even effects his speed in air and
makes him step forward without movement input.

I’ve attached a video showing the problem. Please help!

Looks like you might have missed a step in the tutorial where you have to retarget the skelton as the export and import for the skeleton rebinded the upper and lower slots. This is why the guys is moving when he punches as the animations spine is still connect throughout whereas you want to disconnect them during that part of the animation, but more importantly, forever.

I can’t remember exactly where it was in the tutorial but I’ll try to remember and walk you through it.

Open up your skeleton and then make sure in the upper right corner you are in the skeleton.
Then on your left, you should see a checkbox to “Show Advanced Options”. Check this.
Select “root” bone/socket and then change the Translation Retargeting to “animation”
Click Save
Select “spine_01” bone/socket and change the Translation Retargeting to “skeleton”.
Click Save

I think that will do it!

Trust me i did that, if the skeleton wasn’t retargeted he wouldn’t move forward like he does. Also, I know it’s an issue with his speed because if i increase the amount of speed he needs before he walks in the Idle_Walk_run blendspace it changes the step forward that he does during the punch animation.

Basically when he punches his speed increases, causing him to walk forward. as stated above.

I still think the re-targeting needs to be re-done based off of what you told me. Also, check your animations poses and your locomotion, it could be a timing issue within your loco… But definitely do the re-target again, it won’t hurt and could resolve your issue

I did the re-targeting again. Still nothing, but i recorded it for reference to be sure i didn’t miss anything or skip a step. i also show (about 3:30 in) how the blendspace affects the punch animation.

If i change the amount of speed needed before he walks to a higher number, when he punches it’s a much slower step. ill set up a string to show his speed while punching and make a video for that as well

Here is the Print String of his speed while punching. It spikes up to about 377 when i hit the punch button and decreases back to 0, which in turn causes him to step forward due to the Idle_Walk_Run Animation blendspace. When his speed is above 300 he walks forward. Another problem is that the character SLOWS down to 377 while punching if you were running faster, then continues running after the animation.

And again, I don’t believe it’s a targeting issue, the punch animation has a different leg animation than the one playing when i punch in-game.

Hmm… Targeting looks good… I’m still looking through your videos, and I’m no expert, yet, but can I ask you why you moved your “root” of your skeleton below the surface? Its should be level with the floor/surface otherwise it the root will try to reclaim or re-target itself to the surface which might be your issue. Like I said, I’m not the expert on this yet and I’m still looking through all your videos to see if something stands out…

After re-targeting the character stands a relative foot off the ground lol so i pull him back down after i retarget him, not to worry though, he still acts the same knee-deep in the floor.

I’m using the Punch animation from the Movement Animeset Pro i believe it’s called.

Found the issue. ahahaha I was using the animation Fists_Punch_Move_R instead of Fists_Punch_R. Altho, i still don’t think he should move forward after he punches with that animation, switching them has fixed my issue.

ahhh… lol… kool. glad ya found the issue!!