Character starts in wrong animation

Hello, thank you for reading this, I hope you can help.

I’m currently following Virtus Learning YouTube channel on making an RPG game. At the moment my character can cast a heal spell and a projectile, he can also swing his arm with sword attached. My problem is blocking with the other arm.

Up until the shield arm being added everything worked fine, when i launched the game the player started in the idle position but now that I’ve added the shield arm stuff the character starts with his arm forward (the idle animation I’m using for the shield) but as soon as I move he lowers his arm and goes back to the idle position which it should be starting with and then everything is fine. I don’t know why it’s doing this. Once I’ve moved I can use the shield arm fine and everything else, it’s literally when the game first loads it’s not starting in the idle position which i have set up in the blend space.

This is the Anim graph ^^^, the links going to and from block are set up the same way as the others and all the other ones work fine.

This is the blueprint event graph ^^^, the red boxes in the top right are all the nodes for the different things i.e. casting the heal spell, swinging the arm etc. It’s the block shield that I’m having issues with.

This is the third person event graph ^^^, I set up the right mouse button through the input in the settings, it does work once I’ve moved the character

So basically…

The game starts and the character is in the block animation pose (without me right clicking), once I’ve moved it goes to the idle position set up in the blend space which is the animation it should be playing first. How do I stop it playing the block animation as soon as the game loads.

Many thanks!