Character starts floating when any of my animations begin playing

I am having a problem where my animations start floating above the ground whenever I activate them. I am trying to get my character to crouch but when I hit the crouch button it plays it above the ground then goes back to normal when it stops playing. I can’t find any solution to this on the forums and hope someone has a definitive answer to this problem.

Here is a photo of what I am talking about. He is currently in his crouch animation.

Try this:
Find that particular character in asset browser, open it, go into skeleton section. Notice the “Skeleton Tree” tab on the left side. In the lower right
of the skeltree section, click on the eyeball “All Bones” menu, rolling out to click the checkbox “Show Retargeting Options” and then go up to
root bone at top of list. Right click on root bone in menu and click on “Recursively Set Translation Skeleton”. Now change root and pelvis bones
from “Skeleton” to “Animation Scaled” and save the skeleton.

If it is a different skeleton from ue4 default, then the names “root” or “pelvis” may be named differently (hips?)