Character standing on physics object glitches

Trying to stand on an object with physics enabled using the default third person template causes some very weird behavior. The object and character will jitter wildly and launch either one far away. This happens at any size and weight.
Disabling character mesh collision completely and messing with movement component settings helps. But I tested this in both version, with everything on default, and it doesn’t happen in 4.21.

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Hi, have you found any info on this?

I am also struggling with characters standing on physics objects. Especially for small ones (like apples) it’s really annoying. Where the character should just push away the apple, he steps on it and starts glitching around.

EDIT: sometimes it even causes smaller physics actors to glitch through terrain, which is also kinda gamebreaking…

In version 4.23 it’s still not fixed. It works as it did in 4.21.

There are some settings in Character Movement:Physics Interactions to help the issue but it’s still buggy.

I would probably disable physics interactions completely and add a collision capsule with overlap events or a sphere trace that would add a force at the hit location of whatever you touch. You would have to look up the formula to find the force of the impact (in kg cm / s^2)

Actually I only need things to have gravity, maybe I should just disable collision between pawns and the physics objects. That would solve things for small items, but some bigger things like boulders need gravity too and it would look weird if players were to run through them…

Disabling physics interaction in the capsule movement component does not disable collision. The player would still collide with stuff but they won’t be able to push objects.

This actually helps a lot with the glitchiness, thanks for that!

Although, I’d still prefer it to just be not that glitchy at all…

In character BP - Charactermovement comp under physics interaction I changed “Standing downward force scale” to a small number like 0.2 and I seems to working well. Also increasing the mass of the physics object and making sure its collision has “can player step up on” enabled if its a small object.


THANK YOU! Just what I needed!

You have no idea how long I’ve had this problem and this instantly fixed it. A sencere Thank you to you sir

Thank you sir. You are Savior.
Wish you have a wonderful day.

Thanks so much for this!

Unfortunately, this didn’t help me :frowning:

“I’ve already tried adding another collision mesh, which was the best solution, but it had its own disadvantages. All other larger items felt weightless, and small objects could clip through the walls.”

Maybe this will help someone, but this is not what I am looking for.