Character-Specific Interface and Key Input Problems

I’m making a 2D top-down RPG with UE4 4.7.3, and I have an 8-directional movement system working just fine. I ported and adjusted the first person shooter object interaction system in the Unreal videos to work with the new 2D, and it’s great, but I have three problems.

The first one is simple, but kind of weird. I want to use the E key for object interaction, and I draw a line trace on an arrow based on the direction the character is facing, but in certain directions, it doesn’t draw. If I replace it with the F key or use a DUALSHOCK 4 controller, it works just fine in all directions. I’m not using a specific key to call the event, and I’m using one single mapping for all keys, which is weird since F works and E doesn’t. No other keys are assigned to E. I want to use E instead of F since it’s pretty much the standard mapping for interaction in games.

The second one is a little bit more complicated. I use a UMG blueprint interface that opens when you interact with a specific object. Now, I want multiple objects to use the same interface, although with different images and text options, so it’s efficient and I don’t have to make an interface for every object. Is there a way so I can change properties of the interface based on what object I’m interacting with? (i.e. use a single interface for all, but have the character image, dialogue and choices for each character changeable in the object properties) I’m thinking for the text I can change it by assigning a string to the text options in the interface, which I set before I draw the interface, but I have no idea how to do the image.

Third one is more simple. How do I allow key input in UMG interfaces so I can close or select options with my keyboard/controller instead of a mouse? I don’t see any action or axis map events on a UMG interface.

Thanks in advance!