Character spawn with blueprint

Before I start this question I want to say that I am a UE4 newbie so please dont judge me too much.

Hello everyone,
I am trying to make a game and have inplemented basic character movement. I have droped down a Blueprint of my player character with a Camera attached with a Spring arm. But here comes the problem, when I press on Play it spawnes a new player character which I do control. How to I make it so that I can control the Character that I placed down as a blueprint?

Thanks everyone for your time, I do appreciate it a lot!

Go to Class Defaults section in your character BP and set Auto Possess Player to Player 0.

you can also do this by selecting the character in the level then changing the auto posses in the details panel. this is helpful if you are using the same character for your player and the enemy and only want to affect one.

Hey Jacky, thanks For the help! I appreciate it a lot, thanks For your time!