Character sound que with sound attenuation

Hello all!

After exhausting resource with searches, i just seem not to be able to find anything regarding this matter. I’m working on a project where there are zombies patrolling a graveyard.what I’m trying to do is have them with groaning sounds as they patrol.

I can successfully add these sound via their animation but when your far away from them, you can hear them as if their right next to you which i don’t want. Need more like as when your approaching ai, the sound gradually increases. I can do this easily by pulling the sound que into theworld but it doesn’t stay with the zombie location. It’s stationary.

My idea is to have the zombies to have a roaming sound and when they’re in chase to have chase moaning and as they get closer the sound gets loader.

I have ajusted the attentuation on the sound que thats on the animation bp of his walking. Again he sound right next to me a far distance which is set to inner 400 outer 800.

I’ve done a lot of searching and watching and can find anything on this.I’m sorry if this has been asked before which it probably has and is ancient code but I’m too stupid to find it but if one of you kind souls can point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate you. Thanks for your time in advance.

Without seeing the code what it sounds like is that you may be playing a 2D sound, or playing a sound at location (which means that it wouldn’t move after it is played), when what you want to do is have an audio component inside of the Zombie actor, and then trigger the sound queue from the animation.

Also 400 and 800 are pretty small ranges, it might be good to print out the distance between the player and Zombie, that may help to debug the distances you need to set the attenuation too.

For fading a bit more naturally I would suggest (if you haven’t already) using the Natural Sound attenuation:

Attenuation Settings.PNG

I can help you debug this a little more, but I would need to see some screenshots of how you’re triggering the sounds and what the attenuation settings are for the cue

Hope that helps.