Character sometimes falls through platform if Impart Base Velocity Z is unchecked

Hi all,

I’ve encountered an issue where if my character tries to jump while on moving platform that’s ascending, sometimes he can weirdly fall through it. This only happens if “Impart Base Velocity Z” is unchecked in the Character Movement component. Platform is a 2D sprite using the Fully Custom collision geometry type with Collision Thickness set to 400 (so it’s wide enough for my 3D character to stand on) and set to Block All Dynamic.

I don’t want to have “Impart Base Velocity Z” checked because the character will fly way too high if jumping at the apex of the platform’s motion.

Any ideas to keep him from falling through?



Sorry, but lifts are really not working in basic UE… i posted some topics about this on answerhub but i got answer like “its ok”.
Recommendation from ue staff guy was to use my own custom movement…
I think its do-able but i dont have energy for that… slowly moving platforms working, but when i used speed over 700ueu/s then not.

Thanks Name368 for your reply. The lift setup I used was the one found in the very last video of the Paper 2D training series from Epic Games. The lift itself works fine, but the penetration I described is undesirable. If I happen to solve this, I will post the answer back here.

Have a good day.


Got a video of problem I’ve never done this but good with workarounds. :slight_smile:

Hi Inph1del, thanks for your response. Here is a video showing the issue. Interestingly, although it is most prevalent with “Impart Base Velocity Z” unchecked, it is still possible to fall through the platform while jumping even with “Impart Base Velocity Z” checked. I used a 2D character for this example, as my primary 3D character is presently confidential. :slight_smile: Thanks for any insight you can provide.



I just added a static mesh cube and set it to hidden in game. It solves the problem as a true static mesh seems to be more resilient to penetration than a box collision object. However, I think one really needs to consider using “Impart Base Z Velocity” anyways, since if your character jumps at a speed less than or equal to the ascending speed of the platform, he will appear to fall downwards.