Character snaps on the air when placing

When placing my the character on the map he snaps way above the floor, and falls when the game starts

If I manually place him any lower, AIMoveTo fails immediately and generally acts as if he is inside the floor

Anyone have any idea why or how to fix this?

Had a similar problem with another character, but that was due to a sphere collision on him ( I think…?)

So, I moved the NavMesh a little lower, because its bottom was right on the floor, and now the AIMoveTo works normally, even when I purposely place him in the floor.
Still snaps in the air when placed though…

The pivot point is in the wrong place. In your BP, you need to move everything down so it sits on the floor.

Yes, you are a bit stuck then. Some maybe would be to scale the whole lot up in the BP so that the capsule touches the ground. And then scale it down in the map when placing it.

It’s a character Blueprint, so I can’t really move the capsule component