Character snaps back to original location after root motion animation

Aight, so my overall goal here is to create a dodge animation that propels the character based on the animation rather than launching the character with blueprints (that looked pretty bad/ barely worked at all). I looked into the root motion doc and have read it several times now and yet my character, after the dodge animation plays, snaps back to its original position when it returns to idle.

I am importing animation and skeleton from blender. In the animation tab when I turn root motion off I can see the red line on the ground delineating the motion of the root from the original position to the end of the animation, and when I turn root motion on the animation plays in place. All of this just like the doc said it would do.

Then once in my animation blueprint I turn on root motion from everything (since I’m not trying to use a montage) (and yes i set the option in edit defaults not in edit preview) and I have set transition in a state machine from idle to dodge animation. The end result of all of this being that I press dodge key and the animation plays, moving the character backwards as its supposed to, but as soon as the animation is finished the character just snaps forward to its original location.

What do?

Couple of thoughts & questions:

  1. Is your character derived from Character, as opposed to a Pawn or anything else? Root motion is supported only for Character BPs.

  2. Try keeping everything exactly as you have it now, except replace your animation with the Epic animation called RootmotionExample, available in their free Content Examples project. This will tell you whether the problem lies in your specific animation, or elsewhere such as in the setup of your anim BP.

  3. I believe you covered this in your post, but to be sure, open your animation sequence in the editor and be sure Root Motion is setup like this:

  1. If you still can’t get it to work, would you be able to post a test project and I can take a look.

Hey, thanks for the reply/ advice. I have had some trouble finding the content example pack though I will look further for it. It is entirely possible (most likely) that my problem stems from somewhere in the animation process however I have recreated the project with a new character and now rather than the character moving with the root motion and snapping back (i tried to recreate the same conditions) the character plays my little dodge animation roughly in place and moves very slightly in the direction it’s supposed to go.
The fact that the character moves at all in the direction I’m trying to get him to go is step in the right direction in my book but when I say slightly I mean like really tiny amount and thus the character essentially rolls in place.
I will try to upload the project as is once I figure out how to do that.
thank you again

Context Example project: From the Unreal Launcher, click on the Learn tab and scroll down until you see the Contents Example project. You can download it from there.