Character slows down/stop when I look down

I am following the tutorial “” and after section 2.4 (Implemeting Mouse Camera Control), the farther I look down, the slower my character moves. When it gets to 90 degrees down my character stops.

Need to remove the pitch component from the forward/backwards movement.

        const FRotator YawOnlyRotation = FRotator(0.0f, GetControlRotation().Yaw, 0.0f)
        AddMovementInput(FRotationMatrix(YawOnlyRotation).GetUnitAxis(EAxis::X), Value);

You are a godsent. Thank you for the quick response. Is that something the tutorial is just missing and should be updated? Or did I just miss it completely?

A little from column A, a little from column B :slight_smile:
As is, it help makes sure you’re paying attention and to think about what you’re doing.
This is a good thing, as it will make you a better programmer.
Well, that’s my opinion anyway.