Character "slides" when switching blendspaces

So I’ve managed to make the character switch blendspaces once his health goes below 40. There is the normal blendspace (above 40 HP) and the wounded blendspace (where the characters appears to be stunned. Simple 1d blendspace with an idle and walk animation from 0 to 600).

My character walks just fine with it’s default blendspace, but when I’m switching to the wounded blendspace (by entering a pain causing volume for exemple) my character only plays the wounded idle animation, even while walking (he just slides).

How can I fix this? I only started learning blueprints in depth (I used to just replicate blueprints I saw in tutorials, it was a bad idea). So maybe It’s just a simple mistake. Here’s a few screencaps

Do I have to add something in the character’s main BP too?

Is your wounded speed variable getting input? Try it with your normal speed. If that’s not the case then check if you got the blend space horizontal values in properly.

Hey, thanks for the reply!

The blendspace is fine. What do you mean by my wounded speed variable getting input? What should it get input from? I didn’t add anything inside the character’s main BP btw, only in the anim blueprint.

Sorry I meant “Speed Wounded”. You have two speed variables. One called “Speed” and “Speed Wounded”. If speed wounded doesn’t have any information then it’ll always be 0. Change that in put your normal “Speed” variable into the blend space instead of “Speed Wounded”

YEP IT’S WORKING. Dude you made my day! :smiley: Thank you so much.