Character skips walk animation, plays running animation at both walking and running speeds

I have a sprint system in place which is supposed to keep my character moving at 100 speed, and go to 600 when I press shift. However, when I start the game and move forward, she moves at regular speed while playing the running animation. After I press Shift for the first time, she goes to 600; I release shift and she goes to 100 only after pressing and releasing shift for the first time. All this time, only the running animation is playing, it looks as if the walk animation isn’t even remotely blended in.

I have a blendspace hooked to the walk/run state. I have tried having separate states for walking and running but the same thing happens.


In the meantime, I managed to fix it. The issue lay in the the Event Graph of the Animation Blueprint. When getting the speed, I had set the function to VectorLength Squared instead of just * VectorLength*
Once that was done, the blendspace and the sprint system started working correctly.

Thank you for the advice, however. Your answer helped me fix another problem linked to the default speed.

Impossible to know without seeing your blendspace and ABP if it’s being used.

It’s probable that your blendspace has not been adjusted to account for speeds higher than the default (which is 100).
it assumes that 100 is max speed, and is therefor blending straight to your sprint anim.

Again, if I could see screenshots of the landing page of the BS I would have a better idea.

make sure the axis value is set correctly, and LMK, you will likely need to replace the Keys after you change it.

I’ve been fighting with this for two days and couldn’t figure it out. I also switched from VectorLengthSquared to VectorLength and it fixed my issue. Thank you TheMxscu98!