Character Size/Scale ?

Hello all. I just recently migrated from UDK…I am loving whagt I see so far…But I have a little problem. when I imported my characters (which used the UT3 skeleton), they appeared to be much smaller than They are supposed to be (in the example map, they were like toddlers next to the player character)!
I did some dicking around and found out that I had to scale the Skeletal meshes by 2 (twice the size) to get them to be as tall as the player character…Is there a reference mesh that I can use to build my skeletons?

Hey Keltar,

If you’re in Maya, you can try out our Maya Rigging Toolkit, which allows you to create an example character.

You can also export the Blue Mannequin skeletal mesh from the Content Browser as an FBX (right click on the skel mesh>Asset Actions>Export).

We also have a Blender file to download here. The blender file is currently being improved though, so the one available there may be a little out of date.

-Matt W.

If you didn’t know, UE4 is 1uu = 1cm, while UDK was more like 1uu = 2cm, so that makes sense that your things look half the size in ue4.

If you are using Maya make sure to set the unit to centimeters in the FBX export.

This is good to know! Thanks guys!