Character size from Unity causing issues

Our characters have the unity scale, to have them in UE4 we need to scale them x100
In other words after importing the character meshes are very small.
If we scale the meshes & bones in Maya 2013, the animations are broken in UE4.
UE4 shows this log when we import the file:
‘‘Warning: A bone or bones with a non-identity scale factor was found for skeleton (skeleton root name: ‘transfrom1’).
Unreal does not support scale on bones so the FBX importer will attempt to apply the scale to the bone’s translation. If the results are not as intended, please use identify scale for all skeletons in the original scene.’’

Scaling the character bones to 1 fixes the issue but the in-editor bone tools are not designed to work properly with small scales as you can see here:

Futher more when we want to create the physics asset with default values (5) we get this error;

Setting the minimum bone size to 0.05 (I supposed I should divide by100?) skips the error but then in the editor we got this;

I can only but imagine that the preview doesn’t scale properly, but is that the only problem?
Editing the colliders seems to be impossible like this.
I’m quite certain this issue will happen for many Unity developers, could you implement an option to display bones properly according to a given scale and make the automatic collider system work according to bone scales as well?

Psssst hey Bigzer

I made the vertex snap features you wanted!

It now works with Undo/Redo system of UE4 Editor!


Thanks Rama your contribution is extremely valuable!