Character sitting animations almost working but not yet (work in progress)

Now its working I just had the wrong animation for the chair movements.
Actually not using root motion for some reason that didn’t work to well.
I just leave the capsule parked behind the chair while character sits down.
Then he “gets it again” at the end as he slips back into walking mode.
The chair is just a skel mesh.

Game project is here:

I added the full sitting and getting back up cycle here.
I use the Z key to toggle sitting and getting back up.
The idle sitting just loops until you hit Z again to have him get back up.

I am doing the recovery back to walking mode in the Third Person Anim BP:

The rest is all happening in the level BP …

Excellent work! Keep it up!

Thank you!

I cleaned it all up with the final BP’s setup attached at the top.
This setup still needs work and the animations are just done off a video reference of myself sitting at
a table so of course motion capture would be nice to get towards the polishing phase of the game :slight_smile:
I also have 2 other animations for the character approaching the chair from the sides but I am not going to bother
to build that now.
This is just blocking the game out with a temp model anyways.
Later when I get the final models and animations done I will build it with more sophistication.