Character "Sinks" When Transitioning Between Anim States


I’m currently setting up the various anim states in my locomotion state machine and when testing I’ve noticed a strange hopping, or “sinking”, effect that happens when transitioning between some of them. See here:Weird "Hopping" When Transitioning Between Anim States - YouTube

Anyone know what could be causing this?

Also somewhat related, does anyone know of any good animations in the marketplace for ‘jumping while holding a rifle at waist level’? There is one in the anim starter pack, but it looks more like jumping over a hurdle rather than a normal jump.

Here is a link to someone else having the exact issue, but a resolution wasn’t provided. It seems to only be happening when transitioning from the default third person anims to the animation starter pack anims. For example, when going from idle/walk/run (no weapon) to jump it transitions fine…but when going from ‘jog_holding_ar’ to jump, the character sinks into the ground for a second. The amount of sinking that occurs makes the character sink to just above the ankle.

I looked at the bone hierarchy of my Jog_Holding_AR blend space as well as my Idle_Walk_Run blend space and the 3 jump animations (start, loop, end). The Idle_Walk_Run and jump animations have some bones laying on the floor while the Jog_Holding_AR doesn’t, I’ve attached some images to compare. Could this be the issue and if so how do I fix?

If you notice, even though they are visually in different locations, but the coordinates are the same.

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