Character shrinks and disappears when jumping

Hello, I’ve encountered an unusual issue with making the character jump. I’ve added idle, running and jumping animations to the character but when the character jumps they shrink down and become invisible. They still move around as normal and occasionally they will return to normal size after landing on the ground. This happens no matter what animation I set for the jump. Any advice on how to resolve this issue? :expressionless:

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im having the same issue altho i am new to this i would like to know if you found out what was caursing this

Your using an additive animation.

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for me i had to enable Forced Root Location in the jump animations.
hope this helps the next person who gets stuck

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when my character jumps more than for a few seconds it does the landing animation thau my character is still in the air

I got the same problem today and checking the force root lock solved it thank you!!

Unchecking the Force Root Lock in my landing animation fixed my shrinking character on landing problem in UE5 - so this still works! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Using UE5 and this was the exact answer I needed. Under Additive Settings, choose “no additive” for “Additive Anim Type”

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(UE5) Choosing “no additive” under additive anim type worked out for me! Thanks! My Character was only shrinking however, it didnt dissapear.