Character Setup is overly complex

Hi there,

So I’ve been playing with Unreal 4 for a couple of moths now and I love it.

That being said the character creation utilities in the blueprint editor or persona are far too complicated.

Why can’t I have a WYSIWYG viewport/editor so when I drop a weapon, piece of clothing, whatever on to the a character the software is smart enough to know how to attach it (with default behavior) and generate the appropriate blueprint scripts? Obviously this requires that the weapon and/or clothing adhere to certain requirements, but if the software was really cool it would figure out as much as possible.

Now when I build a character I can see exactly what it looks like in the editor and move stuff around where I wanted instead of having to do so much guess work.

If you could implement apex clothing this way too it would be awesome.



It’s too game specific to be part of mainline engine. But it can come as plugin if anyone is willing to work on it.

Agree with - what your talking about is something that you, or someone else, would either hardcode in with blueprints or c++, or as iniside said, as a plugin.