Character setup and replication

Using Blueprints and an HTC Vive. How do I properly set up a character’s components given player’s HMD status? So that I can know if a specific player has a HMD enabled and thus decide whether to do VR-related component modifications. I have tried using replicated events, having an owner-only event triggered on possessed from server-side and then sending whether a HMD is enabled on client’s end back to server-side.

I’ve also had issues having the player on floor-level, camera’s initial position does not seem to matter as it always ends up being at character’s collision sphere center - and thus being that the start floor point for VR.

Now, how does one properly replicate motion controllers? I have read both, having a custom actor updating controllers’ transform client-side and so server automatically replicates it to other clients, or having player index set to -1 and then set it to 0 on owner’s end and thus only have the owner updating character’s controllers.

Roughly, questions are:

  • How do I retrieve from server-side whether a HMD is enabled on Character’s owner end?
  • How do I properly set a camera/controller if VR is going to be used?
  • How do I properly replicate motion controllers?