[Character] Set Capsule Half Height not working properly

So it seem I am missing something. In a first person character, I successfully made a crouch. Using a Timeline and lerping the “stand half height” to the “crouched half height” with the “set capsule half height” node.

Problem is when I want to use the “Set Capsule half height” with a lower value than my crouch. It doest not work. It never go beyong the Crouched half Height. And I cannot seem to find how to modify said value in runtime.

All this because I want three Height value. Standing, Crouch and Sliding. I figure I would use the same thing as Crouch to slide and have a lower value. 96 Standing, 48 Crouched, 24 Sliding.

The sliding juste doest work. When I copy the same procedure, and manually assign the float for Set capsule Half Height. it wont go past the Crouch value.

I tested the Set Capsule Half Height with a value of 10, and it still goes to the usual 48.

■■■■ me for not knowing all the little thing, This is answered by myself, but in the spirit of sharing, here is my findings.

Capsule Half Height cannot be lower than the Capsule Radius… I can now slide at 24 … :stuck_out_tongue:

Great tip, thanks for sharing it.