Character Set Actor Rotation problem


I am actually out of ideas, as I can not get Set Actor Rotation to work with the player character. Just to show how simple stuff I am trying to do… Location works fine:

but this doesn’t do anything:

It does not work with Begin Play or any of the inputs. If I do try using Set Actor Rotation on any other Blueprint in the scene it does work fine.

What’s more it does not recognize mouse clicks at all, I can fire a Print String node with keys, but I can not get any clik interactions from my Player Character. I did check all of the Mouse events in PlayerController Blueprint:

The PlayerController and PlayerCharacter are generaly kind of working, as messing with options like Auto Recieve Input, or Block Input does work (for the keyboard), but I must be missing something else and I have no idea at the moment what else should I look for.

Hello, I don’t why the set actor rotation isn’t working for you.

I just loaded up the third person template and it seems to be working fine using a similar set-up you’ve provided with the event begin play :confused:

It might be that you have the character set to face the direction they move in?


I made a workaround for that. I have moved the rotation logic into the Player Controller and used the Set Control Rotation. But I still have no idea why the original solution didn’t work, as I do have similiar setups in other projects as well.

Could you also explain your last question a bit? I don’t think that I understand it exactly and maybe this is the original problem.

What’s interesting I did also solved the problem with Mouse Clicks not registering. I used the Touch Events nodes instead and now my mouse clicks are recognized just fine.

Everything has moved in 4.7 so I’m still getting used to the new ui however in the character movement component you should find something in the details panel called “Orient Rotation to Movement”

If it’s toggled on it could be your character is moving after you’ve applied the rotation which is what’s causing it to not rotate as it might be rotating to its new movement.

I know that I’m to late with the answer but maybe I will help some beginners.
The correct answer is: You are using Character as base class and probably you forgot to unselect “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”.

Late or not, this helped me, thanks.