Character Selection

Hello all im looking for some help i want to use the top down game template and i was wondering how can i make it so i can select more then one character in game ? say i have two guys doing different jobs then i can point and click on them to control them to go different places


There is a built in “OnClick” Event. You have to “Enable Click event” in your PlayerController, though.
From there you’ll have to build your own logic.
Hope it helps.

What Silik1 said. As for Logic, I’d build it into your Player Controller BP. Using the OnClick Event, you’d cast to your Character Actor, drag off Object reference, set Enable Input, repeat for Disable Input. Then get a ‘Flip Flop’ flow control node, link that between the Cast and Enable/Disable. That should get your essential functionality in place. As a ‘Unit is Actively controlled’ visual aid, consider placing a decal above your Character units that you toggle visibility on alongside enabling control.