Character Selection Menu

Hey guys.
I post this because i want to create a menu at the beggining to select different characters like boy/girl or a king/queen.
The question is that I’ve got a main menu with option screen and I neew another “menu” that it turns visible when i play “StartGame” and there i could choose the characters I want to spawn on game.
All tutorials I have seen are for multiplayer games but my game is for an endless game so I only want to switch the main character.

Thank You so much

I just want to a menu at beggining of the game where i could choose between a boy kid or a girl kid and the put that character selected on the Level of the Game. I just want to see an image for each cahracter and when i select one of that picture, start the game. The game is a 3D game endles run.

Thanks for your time ScottSpadea

I will choose it with mouse. but if we can choose those character with both, i will love you.

Thanks for your help ScottSpadea