Character Selection blueprint is only selecting 0 and 2 in the array. I have 5 total to choose from

Hi There

I’m working on creating a character selection blueprint, to where you press right and the skeletal mesh that loads out of a 5 skeletal mesh array would load #1 from default #0. And if you pressed left it would load the previous skeletal mesh in the array. What I currently have is not working properly. When pressing right, it goes from #0 to #2 and stays there ,no matter how many times I press the right button. And the left button goes -2. Any insight would greatly be appreciated! Thank you


In your Cycle Skel event you are using an input integer Direction but you aren’t saving that variable anywhere, so each time you call the event you are always using the -1 or 1 that you have typed in.

Instead you could try to have a variable named CurrentDirection or something like that and plug that into the Direction input, and inside the Cycle Skel event you either Increment or Decrement that variable ( *-1 or +1 depending on what you’re trying to achieve here *) because then you’ll be having a number that is saved. You might also have to do some extra checks to make sure you aren’t going below 0 or above 5.

Hope this helps in any way :slight_smile:

oh thank you! That makes sense.