Character Select "Stuff getting in the way"-problem

Hi guys!

So I am working on a Escape Room Game with my brother. I have created a character select screen that is working as it should but I am having a problem with things getting in the way of my characters camera. I was wondering if there is any way of hiding all actors/meshes for the camera except the one it is attached to?

I guess I might be able to do a line trace for things blocking the camera and set them as hidden temporarily and not have that replicate? If this was a singleplayer game I could probably teleport the character somewhere while selecting but this will look odd in a multiplayer game I think.

There is multiple thing that you can do for this. First thing you can do is to put a camera at the right location and possess that camera and when finished possess the character camera. Or The Best way i think is using a sphere collision attached to the camera and set on pawn collision get that collision from that pawn character and hide his mesh on client.

here a tutorial:

Thanks! We talked about maybe doing a “Photo-both” where the character can enter and change skin, but the idea about the sphere trace is better than a line trace since it might miss the actor.