Character select screen

Hey name is Nathan and I’m having a problem with my character select screen everything works for spawning my character but unfortunately the mouse look up and down is not working properly here is what I have so far.
A new map with a main menu widget on play the widget close to show the character selecting screen on clicking on any of the character the camera zooms into that one with another widget that shows the status and a play button.
In that widget blueprints I have the play button casting to my custom game instance with a set player choice integer and then a load level
In the main level level blueprint I have begin on play casting to my game instance and getting my player choice integer to a select on integer from there it goes to spawn my character and possess. Everything works for my keyboard with the character but like I said the up and down mouse is not working

Have you bound the axis under input mappings, and applied that to the player characters camera?

Yes see the part I don’t understand is that my first ship is working I just duplicate that one for my other 3

Can you send a screenshot of the differences?