Character Scale- Help!

Hello! I’m doing a project remake of Zelda Ocarina of Time and need to Scale Up the Character. I’m trying to do this on own blueprint with capsule size (collision) and mesh scale. Ok. I change it but when I Start the game nothings happen. All’s same thing. Its a bug? Or don’t work with Manekin? Need Help! Plz! =)

All you need to do is to connect a “Set Relative Scale 3D” node the “Event BeginPlay”, Then, connect what you want to scale (mesh or capsule) to the Target pin and set the 3 vector value and it will be scaled once the game is launched
Is that what you did?

didn’t work. =/

Can we see your blueprint screenshot?


Your target is wrong. Grab your “Mesh” or “Capsule component” from the component list (top left of your screen) and connect it to the target pin.
Target must be an actor, not a function with an actor output pin.

Isn’t compatible with Ator Reference! =/


That is because you are using ActorScale3D which targets the whole actor.

Use Set Relative Scale 3D or Set World Scale 3D for scene components.

Didn’t work too! =/

I’m using a empty level, not default! There are diferences between them?

@anonymous_user_fb796d6c: Default didn’t work too… Wtf

You are obviously doing something wrong, please post the screenshots where you used the two nodes I specified. You have to make sure you are scaling the PARENT Component. And the children components will scale accordingly. Now, not being in UE4 at the moment, I am unsure if the capsule will resize accordingly, you may need to adjust that manually/dynamically as well.


I’m using 4.13 version!