Character rotation speed is instant

Hi , I’m trying to move a character to mouse click location, I use the “move to location” for my AI character, the move works, but he rotates instantly towards the position , I want a slower rotation. I have unchecked “Use controller rotation yaw” and checked the “Orient rotation to movement”.

I want it to work like the TOP DOWN example, you click somewhere you want the character to move and the character rotates at speed and walks towards the position. But for me he turns instantly towards the new angle and walks.

Hi! You can try to change RotationRate param on UCharacterMovementComponent (either in Blueprint or in CPP)

I have tried that. Should it be more than 360 or less?

hmm…I would think they would just have an option for this in a details panel somewhere, but since we can’t find it, you could just try intentionally making it rotate first before it moves.

Like, on mouse click, maybe make a timeline rotation movement, and then upon completion start moving after the timeline finishes.

From documentation:

RotationRate: Change in rotation per second, used when UseControllerDesiredRotation or OrientRotationToMovement are true.

Tried it, doesnt do anything. My character still just flips and starts walking, I want it to turn like the topdown example.

Late reply but try turning off Use Controller Rotation Yaw And Orient Rotation To Movement On. Then set Rotation Rate to around 540 on the Z.