Character rotation replication


I have some issue related to character rotation.
Basically what I am doing is:
1, SetActorRotation on OwningClient.
2, Sending Server RPC where I am also calling SetActorRotation

All other clients are nicely replicated but the OwningClient sometimes is rotated sometimes not. He is usually
overriden by the server rotation.

This is happening because I have set MovementComponent to be replicated. I need it for movement etc. which works nicely.

Can you advice me what is the best solution here ? What have to change to don’t override Owning Client rotation by server ?

I have also custom movement componenent derived from UCharacterMovementComponent so I can override a lot of things but not sure what exactly. Is it something related to FSavedMove_Character sitting in UCharacterMovementComponent which is reponsible for server-client correction ?

Many thanks for help.
PS : C++ Only