Character Rotation not Replicating. Have followed Videos that didnt help

This is my Player Controller.

Server Replicates to Client.

Client wont Replicate to Server

Both Rotate fine on their own Screen.
What am i doing wrong… i dont really understand what else i can do to get it to Replicate.

Edit: My characters move with W,A,S,D and always look at the mouse. Now moving around with WASD is being replicated but the clients never Replicate their rotation to look at the mouse. when the Clients do rotate on their own screen they keep flicking back to the servers rotation Causing a blurry mess. im guessing this is because the server is not getting the update of rotation.

Hey there, I think ideally you would want to replicate all the movement not just rotation. I have looked though my old replication project but it’s a mess. I would start by going into my character and double checking if the box “replicates” has been ticked.

Actually in addition to replicating movement the CharacterMovement component can also replicate rotation for you. But in order to do that you need to apply rotation through it and not by using SetActorRotation (since the latter is called on the generic Actor class). Here are the steps:

  1. In you CharacterMovement component make sure that you enable Use Controller Desired Rotation under Rotation Settings:

  1. Apply rotation by calling Set Control Rotation on your PlayerController. See the example [here][2]

Basically we tell the CharacterMovement component to base its rotation on the ControlRotation of the PlayerController. Since CharacterMovement is set to replicate, modifying ControlRotation results in rotation automatically being replicated as well.

If this works for you then you don’t need to manually handle the replication with your Multicast and RunOnServer events.

Hope that helps.


Hey man thanks for the reply. my character is replicating its movement around fine. Sorry i should of said that will edit for other people.
so my characters will move around with W,A,S,D and they always look at the mouse. so its only the rotation that isnt being Replicated.

Glad it worked!

Hey thanks for your answer… This did it for me Awesome stuff thanks heaps man!

Thanks a lot for this solution…
I’m using this for Roll rotation, however there is a limitation of -90 to 90° in the rotation…

What is the solution please ?
Thanks a lot !

Can you please upload your image again?

Old post but got my solution working! thank so much