Character rotation messed up when playing attack animation

I imported some animations from Miximo for my fighting game game. but, when I attack the player rotates really weird.


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The effect may be the result of a collision. I had that in a game where I bumped into another pawn and that moved the pawn around. Have you checked the collisions? Did you try reducing the diameter of the capsule and see what happens then? You may also consider to not update the yaw rotation from the root motion (look at the rotation settings of the capsule) in order to keep the collision capsule perpendicular. I hope this helps.

By the way all these animations use root motion

I guess it depends on the blueprint animation and how you implemented it.
could you tell the process so I can reproduce the problem, maybe I can find a solution.:slight_smile:

SO after some trouble shooting i figured out it also happens when I walk just less extreme. I imported


the sword and shield pro pack off miximo and imported it into ue4 after setting up the animations like this

I noticed my player was rotating wierd

can you show me a screen shot of the setting please

This setting is on the movement component of the character blueprint. You can limit the axis in which your character shall rotate. that would stop the pitch rotation.

thanks but this still does not work the player rotation is still messed up when i move

If the rotational settings don’t fix it, I would look into collisions, reduce the radius of the capsule and then test it again. Also: Does this happen for the character that is controlled by the player controller or the AI controller or both?

Hmm it seems to happen still after modifying the capsule. also the second one is player two not an ai

Im having exactly the same issue! Did you manage to solve it?

Using Miximo animations (created montages) and rooted (+force root) as well and custom ABP.

Oh i changed animations (from miximo to other random ones not from there) and it fixed the issue. So the problem lies on the animations themselfs. Best regards!