Character rotates super weirdly after checking orientation to rotation and disabling yaw

Basically, I have done what every other posts asks- disable yaw and turn on orient rotation to movement or something like that. However, even though my character rotates, it is a very weird rotation. The camera moves with him if I press WASD, and it only rotates so much( if I click A or D twice, it stops rotating). My goal is to set up the blueprint so that while my camera is static the character moves backwards or sidewards, and keeps moving on that direction instead of always turn its back on me. I want to keep moving the camera, but I don’t want it to affect my character. Any solutions to this?I have toyed with the rotation numbers but they have similar effects. Also, if I am moving my character with the WASD keys and move my mouse, the movement gets distorted and it feels as like I am moving to a phantom direction caused by the mouse.

EDIT: Found the answer. In my previous blueprint I had a spring arm attached to the camera which allowed me to see things from an unaltered perspective. Copy and pasted that spring arm and then it worked.