Character rotate toward before moving?

Using “Move to Location” and Character Movement has “Use Controller Desired Rotation” on with “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” off… Even if I set the Character’s rotation to face toward a goal before moving it always starts moving facing -Y?

Also how to turn first on the spot before moving in any direction?

Did you try this?

Thanks but yes I have.

Meh, very hard to tell. Is your character mesh facing X in the BP?

This is not as easy as it seems.

One approach could be to use the PPathFollowingComponent to find the following navigation points and then create suiting animations as blend between the current and the following target.

Another possible solution would be to use horizontal aim offsets and feed these with the next PathFollowingComponent target location.

I suppose the aim offset solution should be the preferred one.

Yes it’s facing X.

Just going through the demo for Top Down to see if I can spot something, but will try what you’ve mentioned.

I ended up copying the Top Down Character into my project and it behaved pretty much the same, the only difference I can see is the Controller. A Player Controller only has “Transform Component” where as AI has “Path Following” and “Actions” components, which cannot be removed.

I should also add the type of AI I’m using is “DetourCrowdAIController”. Still no indication why all AI want to turn toward -Y initially.