Character: Rotate to


In UDK it was possible to rotate pawn to some direction without moving it and it was using custom animation for rotation. I think there was also custom blend node for rotation. I checked many UE4 threads but everybody always does just Set Rotation what does not support animation. Is there some out of box solution for animated rotation of character ? My character is static and I just want to make it look at specific direction but I want to use rotation animation for rotating too because sliding with Set Rotation in tick does not look good.

How should I implement animated rotation of character ?

A few options. You can use RInterp to interpolate the rotators with a hard cubic slow out, you can use lerp to animate the rotation per axis over time, you can add a rotator component to your object as a blueprint component and clamp it rotation, or you can use the solution we’re working on here: [Open Beta] Procedural On-the-Fly Animation in UE4: iTween! - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums!

The first download link in that post has a working RotateTo function that should suit your needs. The newer version lost its RotateTo function for the sake of creating a new, better framework. If this is imperative, I can redo the RotateTo function next in the next update which will be much more performant than the first version.

Thank you for reply and link to iTween. So, it means there is not out of box solution for animated (I mean true animations, not interpolations) rotation. It is strange that Character class does not contain support for smooth rotation with anim sequence playing.