Character rigging

Hello there!
I recently started making 3d models since I have future projects, my main problem though is rigging.
The programs I use are Zbrush and 3ds max. If anyone out there is experienced in rigging on 3ds max, please add me on steam since I really need some tips! If you don’t have steam we may as well communicate through private messages. Many thanks.

My steam profile:

Not sure if this is the right section, if it isn’t, please forgive me.

Look into Character studio or CAT, many tutorials online for those, they will get the job done. Test both and see which you feel more comfortable with.

General rule of thumb, realistic bipedal characters go with Character studio, using mocap with it is also much more intuitive if you need to. More stylized characters you may want to look into CAT.

Good luck.

I already tried with a biped and with CAT, both don’t work properly with my model, that’s why I need some tips with the bone tools and so on.
Regardless, thanks for the answer!

It’ll help to post a silhouette or give an idea of your characters anatomy. If you ask me 99% of the time Biped plus custom bones on top did the job for me. unless you are animating a spider or quadruped, then that may be a different story and were CAT might come in if you don’t have the experience working with custom full rig.

I will post some screenshots tomorrow, in the meanwhile I will try using CAT once again and adjusting the skeleton. Thanks again for the help, I truly appreciate it.