Character Rigging for Body & Face ( Blend Shape or Joint Based ) + Full Body Motion Capture

Hi all,

I’m Nicolas Esposito, founder and CEO of Enter Reality, a company focused on creating Full Body VR Enterprise solutions for Job Training, Automotive, Engineering, and many more.

During the last couple of years I developed solutions in order to speed up the workflow during project development, and have been used for both VR projects and game development, helping indie developers and studios around the world.

One of the latest solutions I developed is a semi-automated character rigging workflow, that uses a source skeletal mesh and transfer all the joints and skinning informations towards a target mesh.

For the Facial Rig, a custom operator in Maya takes care of wrapping a source Blend Shape Ready Head to a target Head with different topology, as long as the head is a humanoid shape with standard features ( eyes, nose, mouth, upper/lower teeth, tongue ).

The Joint Based Facial Rig transferring workflow is very similar to the body transferring workflow, where uses a source skeletal mesh and transfer all the joints and skinning information towards a target head mesh.
The joint rig hierarchy for the facial rig is based on the Paragon characters setup.

This method allows to reuse between 80-90% of the skinning and Blend Shapes, requiring very small tweaking, drastically reducing the time consuming paint skin weights and blend shape creation.

I also developed a solution in order to have a true Full Body Motion Capture solution to be used for both Full Body VR and Motion Capture

The entire setup use IKinema Orion ( soon to be replaced with a custom Full Body IK solution ) and the Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves ( for fingers animation ).

I also added the possibility to use the iPhoneX together with the Full Body Motion Capture, in order to have a fully featured character in realtime inside Unreal Engine 4.

In order to also export blend shape based facial animation from Unreal Engine 4, since this function is not available, I developed a custom setup in UE4 that allows me to get all the blend shape values, bake them onto a custom skeletal hierarchy, then retarget those values in Maya onto the Blend Shape Head Rig.

Pricing for the services are very affordable, so if you need any of the services I offer, or if you like to integrate the solutions I developed into your company, feel free to contact me using the informations you’ll fine below.

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Nicolas Esposito


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