Character Rigger

Right now the hardest part of learning UE4 is the character rig, animation and so on system. Having to go in and out of the system is prone to errors and errors lead to frustration and frustration leads to hate.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fully functional rigging system inside UE4? Attach any Rig (bones) to any character much like Mixamo system but be free to move bones around and match it to any mesh. My thinking is that it is less likely for a user to make errors if the user stays in UE.

Based on what I have encountered so far, the character system is abit prehistoric when it comes to the rest of the software.

Just a thought.

What software do you use? I’m working on a free automatic rigging script for MakeHuman->3ds Max that fully rigs the face and body then exports to Unity and UE4.

Hey Jared, I am very in interested in that pipeline, any more info, a link?

I highly recommend this for bipeds:

and this for creatures/insects/etc:

It’s still in development. I have a prototype version that’s essentially done but it only works with an imperial units system (feet and inches) and uses the reaction manager system for animation (slow, hardcoded, prone to errors, works best with characters between 5 and 6 feet, gets weird outside of those ranges, no built-in export support). I can send that to you if you want it despite its shortcomings.

This new version accounts for all measurement systems and uses wire parameters for animation instead. I’ll get that finished this Summer and I can PM you when it’s done if you’d like.

I am using Blender which I am beginning to think that it is not made for exporting FBX files. Its frustrating the heck out me. This is why I was asking if there was an easier way to match a rig to the model. Mixamo seem to be doing it right but their crapo is expensive.

I am actually rethinking this whole UE4 thing. Its frustrating for one thing…and frustration leads to giving up…

The FBX exporter in Blender is still undergoing heavy revision as FBX is an autodesk filetype. The 2.74 and 2.75 rc builds of Blender are showing a lot of promise in these regards. As a Blender user myself I completely understand the frustration, however I’d highly recommend keeping at it. With Blender in particular you have to do a bit of work to get the setup right, but once you get all of your export options the way they need to be the pipeline is pretty decent overall. Some things to keep in mind when exporting an FBX:

  1. Make sure your scale is right, if you are using the default settings you will need to scale your object by 100 when exporting
  2. Remove the “add leaf bones” option, it typically isn’t necessary
  3. Set your up and forward to -Y forward, Z up.
  4. Make sure that, if exporting animations and skeletal meshes, you have the mesh in the T pose and have zeroed out the pose. This will help to reduce the likelihood of animations importing incorrectly.


Mixamo Fuse is free on steam now… this program might not be viable on the long run since adobe bought the company but you could get some rigs out of it now


Done and done but still messed up. Animation did not get imported and there are deformities in the model. Maximo is free now all over the world and it allows you to buy 20 animations free. However, I made a post earlier that I am no longer going to use UE4. There is a huge learning curve and without specialised skills making a game is not possible.
thanx for all your help everyone.