Character Rigger

Job description

  1. We have male and female characters with bones, bone position, and skinning already done.

  2. We need a control rig set up in Maya and 3DS Max for both of them without moving bone positions, changing hierarchy, bone names, or skinning because significant work has already been done with the character’s skeleton in Unreal Engine. The reason for the control rigs is to prepare for animators.

  3. After the control rigs are complete, I have 4 outfits that need skinning in Maya. The outfits were originally made for different character models that are very similar so they need some geometry tweaks to fit the new characters before skinning. The characters use morph targets for body sliders and the clothing must retain morph slides when imported into UE4.

  4. We are using vertex painting to mask our the areas of the character mesh under the clothing because the clothing is modular. If you have the ability, I’d like you to create 256x256 masks for the clothing. Otherwise, I can find a character artist to do that.

  5. We use Perforce for source control.

I’d like to talk about each of these in detail and answer any questions so you can give me a quote for this as a project. Please add me on Discord at MeowMiau#4811 and shoot me a link to your rigging portfolio if interested. Thanks!

Hey CatCode! Would love to chat with you about this as we’ve been doing this kind of thing as long as I can remember! Will add you on discord now!

Hey guys, I have a working solution for you inside 3DS MAX.
You’ll be able to use CAT or biped to animate your characters, you’ll be able to reuse and edit all your existing FBX animations.
I did it already on another Unreal based project.
Just throw few words on if you’re interested.

Added you on Discord.