Character Riged with Epic Skeleton Distorted

Hey guys.

Here is situation overview;

I took my skeleton and rigged it with Epick rig. I moved Epick rig bones a bit to adjust them to charter’s proportions. I din’t rotate them.
Then I skinned it. I didn’t use any aditional twist bones. I just left the unused. Skeletons don’t need twist bones actually.
Then I exported FBX and imported into Unreal as skeletal mesh.

Then I Used Retarget Manager to connect Epick Mannequin animation to my Skeleton.
On attached pictures you can see result.

Skeleton looks broken. Almost every rig bone not on the right place.

Please help me. What I did wrong?



One technique I have used instead of retarget manager is to select the existing epic skeleton when importing the original FBX. (Instead of creating a new skeleton and having to retarget animations).

Thank you this is works! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! It works for me too