Character Rider Postion and Flying speed Help.

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me, I have created a new flying dino and I have two issues.
I have increased max flying speed and wild ones are fast, as soon as I tame it and ride it its slow.
Could someone tell me where I find the setting to make it faster when its tamed please.

I have also got a problem with the unsaddled riding position, I changed the mesh position so it doesn’t hover above the ground when walking, but my character is half inside the dino,
what ever I do to the mesh position the rider seems to be in the same place. Could someone please tell me where the right settings are or what I am doing wrong.

Many thanks all.

I have found out how to change the flying speed, still cant find out how to make the rider a bit higher when mounted, hes currently half way inside the mount :frowning:
Can anyone help please?

To change the rider position, open up one of the dino’s animations and search the Skeleton Tree for the RiderSocket bone. Once you have selected the bone, just adjust the Relative Location to what you want it to be. The bone will also allow you to change rider size and rotation.