Character Props in Game like Changing cloths?

Hi Guys, I am working on project of a character model, i can walk around in side the UE4, i mean in my game, but i am looking for some thing, where my character is front of camera, In side there should be bar with different cloths when i click on cloth my characters wears it instantly real time, and on upside i want a bar, there will be some selected colors, so when i click on colors the my model cloths changes its colors? is it possible with Blueprints? will it work for the HTML5 build?

Thanks in Advance…

Of course it’s possible with blueprints, and with slate, and with any other tech you wanna use, lol. So you want to have customization for your characters, that’s what you are trying to say with the changing clothes thing. It’s all doable with skinning the clothes as seperate meshes onto the main rig file of the character, and then swapping them in/out inside UE4 with a customization system. That’s very roughly explained… but I don’t wanna go too much into detail right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your , yes i want Character Customization, even if you take it as a simple static mesh how i can customize it? like you said? how i will create UI?

The part with the colour change is pretty easy. For example: you could create such a menu ( ?v=vBADl-gbITQ) now also add a “set material” node to change the colour - now instead of just buttons add a skeletal mesh into your blueprint and with the “set material” node you can now change the colour/texture to whatever you want. :slight_smile:

Short Answer: Yes, Character Customization (Modular Pawn) can be managed through Blueprints, but, it would have to be geared to work with skeletal meshes designed for this purpose, vise versa.

Long Answer: UE4 is designed with modularity in mind and Blueprint Components are ideal for this feature. I’m a huge proponent of modularity and customization for everything. I plan to build a BP setup that works similar to Daz3D Genesis.

There are many techniques for Character Customization/Modular Pawn to include modifying the base mesh with TargetMorphs, snapping external attachments/accessories with Sockets, changing appearance w/ Texture/Material Layers, blending different skeletal animations, assigning different AI behavior with Behavior Trees. Every property can be parametrized and exposed to Blueprints for procedural or manual modification during run-time.

Obviously, with all this flexibility there a many ways to implement such as system, but, its mandatory that the skeletal mesh assets be designed for interchangeability unless unorthodox. I would suspect one of the easiest aesthetic customization features you could get working is attachment/accessories on using skeletal mesh sockets: How to attach BP to skeletal mesh socket.