Character Projectile vs Actor Projectile

Hi every one,

I’m currently doing a top down templated space shooter for learning how to use ue4.

I’ve done some projectile thrown by my character with the actor + projectile movement way to do
And some missile with the character + Behaviour tree way to do.

Thing is when i wanted to add overheat feature to my ship (if you fire too much you won’t be able to fire for x sec)
I decided to start again and create a weapon class that can spawn projectile.

The problem came when i decided that a weapon can spawn a projectile that inherite from a projectile master class i’ll do.

Thing is if I understood well that only Character derived class can have a Character movement component.

And Character derived class cannot replace their Character movement component for something else like a projectile movement component.

So how can i have a weapon that can fire a Character or an Actor (or a pawn) without making double dev ?
Is there a way to override inherited movement component maybe ?

The only way I can see now is double dev. Any other idea ?

P.S: I’m french, sorry for my english if i made mistakes.

I don’t understand what Projectile has to do with Character class to begin with?
Don’t tell me you making Projectile from character class? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ask me you can make your ship a Pawn and use Projectile Movement Component on it too as it enouth for this kind of game

From character class i do a missile which find nearest ennemy and chase him down with some explode within radius logic using the behavior tree.

Is Projectile Movement Component enough for AI controlled missile ?
I’ve seen that it seems to have it’s own AI thing like is homing missile or so but i don’t know if it is an efficient way for more complex things (i have a zigzag movement i’d like to use on some projectile)

You don’t need to use AI for movement, you can code it by other means like tick. Maybe treat missile as enemy instead of projectile if you really want use AI controllers. Projectile Movment Component is enouth for anything for your game as most things are flying, not sure if it enouth for AI stuff.