Character problem after messing with playerController

Hello this is my first post! I am having problems with my character ever since I created a new playerController and asigned it to my player character.
What I did was:

Open the game blueprint and clicked create new player controller class blueprint.
And checked Show Mouse Cursor.

After that my character mesh is gone, nothing animates and im basically just a camera that is flying around.
I have most likely clicked some other setting while attempting to get the mouse cursor to appear when playing, or missed some important setting.
Any idea on what could have caused this?

Make sure that you have assigned the new player controller to your gamemode :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Yes I had done that, after another 4 hours I used windows restore folder to an earlier date wich saved me! I made a new controller and fiddled with it after the restore and it was all working. Phew, thought I had to redo everything for a moment.