Character Preview question


I am changing the Character Creation menu and I want to edit the Character Preview so it shows different pawns, for example a raptor. Right now I only shows the pawns of the Player Character.

This is what I found out so far:
When you open the Character Creation menu a Player Character is spawned at 0,0,0. A Scene Capture Component 2D captures the mesh of the character and saves this in the ‘RenderTarget’ file. The mesh of the character is also saved as a variable in the widget. The Character Preview uses this ‘RenderTarget’ file to show it in the widget. Rotating the mesh in the Character Preview will change the position of the Scene Capture Component 2D and thus the ‘RenderTarget’ and the Character Preview.

Also see these screenshots:

Simply changing the Preview Mesh to another mesh doesn’t change the preview. It only causes a glitch when you click the ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ buttons, another mesh is showed at the same location as the old one, which doesn’t get removed. So the 2 meshes are sort of blend into each other.
Spawning a different pawn with a different mesh at the same location also doesn’t work.
Also the background is always black, but around the 0,0,0 location in the Testworld there are other objects.

Because of these three things I think the scene Capture Component 2D only captures the (Fe)male mesh. Can this be correct?

My question is how to change the Character Preview so it shows every mesh I want it to?

Thanks is advance and if you need more info let me know.

Is there no one who knows the answer to this? Maybe a dev who can help me?

It looks like the Scene Capture Component only renders the mesh of the player. Is it possible to change this that it also renders other meshes?

Pleas help me with this, because I can’t solve it.

I tried adding a new skeletal mesh component to the preview character, but nothing changed in the Character Creation menu to the preview player.

But when I added a skeletal mesh when playing a character, the character that is previewed in the Inventory menu, has this skeletal mesh!

Can someone help me how to do the same thing in the Character Creation as they did in the Inventory menu?

It looks like all of the events and blueprints are in the parent which I dont think we have access too. The UI from what I can tell has no actual blueprints to use but is a child to the UI_Spawn which isnt in the ADK. I would like to know more about this as I would love to alter the BP for some of the commands within this UI myself.