Character Presentation: Crusher

This is Crusher, he’s a guy, rendered in the 4.11 preview. I wasn’t sure on how to use the Eye Material yet, but the hair material was pretty self explanatory.
it uses

Using the layered material workflow from the Infiltrator demo, I created this as a “mod” character for Unreal Tournament. Most of the things to get him in there are in place, however I have no animating skills, thusly I made this presentation. I really do want to get him into UT though.

If it wasn’t obvious, I kinda liked the Paragon method of presentation, so I tried to mimic it. Tell me how I did! :slight_smile:

Here’s some more images!


He’s looking awesome !

Was looking at your portfolio and I must say, all your characters look awesome my friend :smiley:

Hey Steve, thank you, that really means alot to me.

The Hunter character there is also fully rendered in UE4, soon I’m gonna have -another- UE4 character. I saw that all the links were broken on the page. whoops. what I get for updating the renders.

I really love the arm modeling and texturing, the material definition is great and it reads well. But it contrasts aesthetically with the rest of the outfit, and the character overall. He seems like a cyberpunk 2020 orc, which is an interesting but niche subject. I think you can really sell his concept with further refinement of his anatomy, particularly in his face. While he’s definitely a fantasy monster, he’s still very much a humanoid. A great sculptor to reference is Rafael Grassetti, who’s anatomical and structural foundation in his work is top tier in the industry ( He starts monstrous humanoids off from a sound anatomical base, and then pushes features and details until he reaches a final design. It’s easier to work from an accurate foundation, and then extrapolate features and forms from that. Another good technique is to just get an idea out into a concept sculpt or drawing, and then dial back forms from that, or to take that concept work and blend it onto a more realistic base. It’s generally faster to do this in 2d, but you may be most comfortable in zbrush. In any case, I like this character, especially the hard surface modeling and details. Keep it up man.

Smessier, you’re actually hitting super close to home there, He’s actually from Shadowrun, which is the other Cyberpunk Pen and Paper RPG, in which he is quite literally, a Cyberpunk Troll, mutated from a human at around the age of 10~ some are born as trolls but this guy isn’t, hence why he looks so incredibly human, but also isn’t. Crusher also has an allergy to Iron, which is why I defined the skin much more pale than you would usually do on a monsterous creature with thick leathery skin.

That is not to say that your points are not completely valid, and I’m taking them along into my brain. grassetti is indeed awesome, I love how he also sculpts in reality. I just make warhammer figures. Heh. Thank you for the great tips and suggestions, I will -definitely- take them along into my next project.

I hadn’t tried using the 4.11 Hair shader stuff as I was waiting for someone to figure it out, but you seem to have figured it out! Any tips on how to use it?

Thats truly a BLAST!!! AMAZING Work!!! Really really cool! Only the Hair, the brows, but mostly the beard could look better in my opp. They look a bit too hard and too obviously overlayed. But that aside, the rest is absolutely terrific.
Your Portfolio Chars also, the cyberpunk scene is not from this world! Love it

Im also interested in how you used the hair shader in 4.11, I did not find it all self explanatory…not really absolutely shure what maps are required and where to plug them in … any quick setup tip much appreciated!
Same with the eye shader … have you found out something by now ?

Whoops! sorry for the slow reply, Hard Duck. Yeah, I completely agree that the beard looks a bit “Meh” compared to the rest. I need to paint the skin to alleviate that, and when I get some time I will. Thanks a lot for the compliments though, man.

So, the hair Shader, it’s a bit of a pain in the bum to get it looking nice. I’m still in two minds on what is the best approach for one particular part of it, the Tangent input.

What I know so far is that the tangent texture influences much like a normalmap, but you dont want to input a normalmap there, as it looks… bad.

This is the material setup I’m currently using, so I can experiment around with it, everything is parameterized in some way or another.

what it -does- is also a good question, I painted a “comb map” using this method:

and used that as a basis to go off, seeing wether or not it looked any good.
and it does. to a certain degree. in the following example the shader is set up in such a way that it shifts between a flat normal, and the tangent texture. Left is flat normal, right is comb map. It seems to mess with the world normal, which isn’t great if you want to add normal-based effects, like a fresnel.

As for the maps I used in the shader alltogether?

one RGBA mask texture with
R: Height
G: Root Color
A: Alpha

and a Comb map. I’m planning on adding some more, like tiling textures to add more definition, and to punch out some more holes in the hair-cards, while also adding many more hair-cards to fill it in a little more.

As for the eye-shader. I am still completely blind on that thing. Not a clue as to how to introduce the iris refraction, which is the main thing to figure out before starting anything else.

Hope that helps, and I hope epic releases some content examples soon, so I can finish these materials!

Hey Kettun :slight_smile:

I was wondering… why don’t you open a thread in the UT4 Character sub forums? This sympathic looking buddy would be a great addition for UT4 imho :o

WoW! Thank you Kettun for the reply and the detailed info!!! Thats really helpful. And ive been wondering why my hair look so strange cause I thought it would be right to jus plug the normal into it. I will definitly give this a try and study your setup!
Thanks a ton man!